​​​​JazMaTaz Persians & Exotics

Queen Artistique's First Winters Snow ("Snow") - CFA registered White Exotic Shorthair.  Snow was born June 20, 2017.  Snow is a sweet, talkative, fun girl.  She insists on loving times and does not take no for an answer.  We are excited to add Snow to our breeding program. 

Our beautiful Exotic Shorthair Himalayan Queens:

Our Gorgeous Kings:

We are currently searching for another Persian female. 

PrecPurrPers Cinderella's Dream Comes True ("Cindy") - CFA registered Exotic Shorthair Blue Point Tabby Himalayan.  Cindy was born on September 30, 2018.  Cindy likes to stay back and observe what is going on before joining her kitty companions.  You can see her little brain wheels turning while she is analyzing situations.  We are very happy to have acquired pretty little Cindy.  

Queen Fanc Paws Jessabelle "Jazzy" - CFA registered Silver Shaded Tortie Persian.  Jazzy was born May 24, 2012,  and is now retired.  Jazzy resides in our cattery and is a nanny to all litters.  

Our beautiful Exotic Shorthair Queens:

Our beautiful Persian Queens:

We are currently searching for two more Exotic Shorthair Himalayans

CFA Registered Persians and Exotics

Sir Hugo of Precious Purrls Persians is our substitute king.  Hugo is a CFA cream tabby Exotic Shorthair.  

We are currently searching for the perfect Black Exotic Shorthair male to be our main king.  

Queen JazMaTaz Duchess Anastasia ("Stassi") - CFA registered Calico Exotic Shorthair.  Stassi was born March 29, 2018, and from our 2nd to last litter of Mardi and Indie.  Stassi is a sweet, loving, gentle lady who is never far from our sides.  This picture is her first litter and she did phenomenal!  We are very proud of our beautiful girl!

Queen JazMaTaz Merida the Brave - CFA Calico Exotic Longhair.  Merida  is Stassi's sister and was born March 29, 2108, from our 2nd to last litter of Mardi and Indie.  Merida is a sassy, fun girl that makes us laugh with her fun, playful antics.  

Persians are currently the most popular breed in the world and are highly sought after due to their intelligence, sweet temperament, gentle and playful personalities. They are considered the "oldest breed" in the cat world and are often referred to as "Noble" due to their laid back personalities.  They are very loyal to their families and close family friends that they trust but prefer to be adored from a distance by strangers. Persians do very well in a single-pet or multi-pet family but are not confrontational so will not defend themselves should there be an aggressive pet in the household.  For that reason, Persians should be kept strictly indoors. Persians require regular grooming to keep their beautiful coat tangle free. Extreme faced Persians may require daily wiping of their eyes to keep their fur stain free.


Our beautiful Exotic Longhair Queens:

Exotics, also known as the "Lazy Man's Persian", is the perfect kitty companion for busy people who like the look of a Persian but don’t have time for the daily grooming demands. Exotic Shorthairs were created about 60 years ago by breeding a Persian to an American Shorthair to give them a thick, dense, plush, short-coat that requires less grooming as it tends to not tangle or mat.  The Exotic Longhair's coat will tangle and requires regular grooming, like a Persian's, to keep their beautiful coat tangle free.  Extreme faced Exotics may require daily wiping of their eyes to keep their fur stain free.

Exotics are known to be gentle with an undemanding personality.  They are quiet, sweet, loyal companions whose soft voices are seldom heard.  They are easy going and can be extremely affectionate and are just as playful and fun loving as their Persian cousins.  Exotics stay playful as adults and bring pleasure for many years.  With their adorable teddy bear-like appearance, it is no wonder Exotics are currently the 2nd most popular breed in the world but are quickly gaining on the 1st place Persian.