CFA Registered Persians and Exotics

​​​​JazMaTaz Persians & Exotics

NOTE:  We have four new litters.  Two litters were born 04.22.2024 (Gemma and Gina tabs) - all are sold; one litter born 06.26.2024 and one kitten born 07.06.2024. Please visit Tiffany and Maybelline's pages to see pictures of the currently available kittens.     

Our CFA registered cattery is located in beautiful Salem, Oregon. Our program opened in 2006 and started with Himalayans. Through the years we have added Persians and Exotic Shorthairs and Longhairs in 2014.  

Our loving kitties are beloved members of our family and are never caged or isolated.  The focus of our breeding program is to provide families with kittens who are healthy with loving dispositions and personalities while focusing on meeting and exceeding the breed standards per Cat Fanciers Association.  We are a FIV/FeLV & PKD negative cattery.

Our kittens tend to sell very quickly.  If you are interested in adding a new kitten to your family, please contact us.

Shipping:  Due to the increasing concerns and the new laws from USDA/APHIS and Plant Inspection Services Regulations regarding shipping Brachycephalic (extreme faced) pets, we prefer to not ship kittens; however, arrangements can be made to meet Buyer at the Portland OR airport if Buyer would like to fly in and take kitten back with them.  Pet nannies are another option where they will fly with the kitten to deliver it to you.  Pet nannies charge around $700 and up for their services.    

​​The following are pictures of past kittens.  These kittens are no longer available.