​​​JazMaTaz Persians & Exotics

Mom.  Mardi - Calico Exotic Shorthair

Mardi's next litter will arrive mid April 2018.  

​Our Exotic Shorthairs and Longhairs start at $900 and go up to $1,500 depending on color and whether they are shorthaired or longhaired. 

Kittens can be held with a $100 nonrefundable deposit.  Deposits are nonrefundable as once received your kitten is considered sold.  Deposits are received in good-faith and potential buyers for your kitten are turned away on your behalf.  Deposits may be made by PayPal, personal check or cash.  Without the deposit kittens will not be held.  

We reserve the right to retain a kitten longer than 8 to 9 weeks if we feel it would be in the kitten's best interest.  This is to ensure that the kitten is mature enough and ready to start their new life away from their Exotic parents.  Kittens must weigh at least one pound before receiving their first shots at 7 to 8 weeks and before we will release them to their new homes at 8 to 9 weeks of age.

Dad.  Indie - Black Smoke Persian