​​​JazMaTaz Persians & Exotics


Jazzy is now retired.  We do not plan to have any more litters with Jazzy.  She is currently looking for her new retirement home.  Jazzy is CFA registered, born May 24, 2012, up-to-date on shots and is $200 on a must spay contract.  Jazzy is a typical Persian diva.  She loves to be with her family and will come to you for lots of loves and pets but is not a lap kitty.  She likes to sleep at our feet at night.  She has never been around dogs so unsure how she would do.  She does not mind other cats.  If they get in her space she pops them and they leave her alone.  She does not go after them for a confrontation but does prefer they are not up against her.  Jazzy is good, calm, gorgeous lady who is currently in her yearly lion cut.  Please note, it can take longer for an adult kitty to adjust to a new life.  It is not uncommon for it take a couple weeks rather than a couple days like kittens.